"Change becomes a necessary step once we can no longer emotionally afford to stay the same.”


Grace Norberg

Marriage & Family Therapist

As a therapist I strive to strike a balance between empathy and challenging my clients to move towards a transformation. Change is hard, and I acknowledge the fact that anyone who seeks therapy has already made a difficult and major step towards bettering their life.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist working in group practice at the Chicago Center for Relationship Counseling. I truly believe that all problems are relational. Humans are wired for connection, and our more basic emotional needs are for unconditional love and support. When we have difficulties obtaining these needs, problems arise. My specialties are helping people improve their communication, grow connections, heal relational wounds, and feel a sense of love and belonging.

I personally employ a "common factors" approach to therapy, using empirically proven factors such as prioritizing a strong therapeutic relationship with my clients to help motivate change and foster connection. I utilize elements of CBT while acknowledging and empathizing with feelings, as well as maintaining authenticity as a therapist and fellow human being.